Meeting for Worship:  We meet for silent worship every First Day (Sunday) at 10:00 AM in the Meeting House, followed by Fellowship at 11:00 in the First Day School.  All are welcome!

First Day School:  Young Friends meet at 10:00 in the First Day School, directly across from the Meeting House.  They then join the adults near the end of Meeting for Worship.

Meeting For Worship with a Concern For Business:  We meet on the 2nd First Day (Sunday) of the month at 11:30 AM in the Meeting House.

Meeting For Singing:  Friends join in singing every 3rd First Day from 9:15 to 9:55 AM, prior to Meeting for Worship.

Meeting for Learning:  Friends meet to deepen our understanding of Quaker history, faith and practice every 4th First Day from 9:00 to 9:55 AM, prior to Meeting for Worship.