Fort Collins Friends Meeting is a small, Quaker religious community serving the spiritual needs of seekers in the Northern Colorado region. The Meeting began on an informal basis in the 1960s, became a formal monthly meeting in 1986, bought and developed our meeting house on West Vine in 1994 and added a new wing to the buildings in 2009.

Quakerism began in the 17th century, a time of great civil unrest and war in England. George Fox, a young man trained as a cobbler, came to the belief that God’s will is continually and directly revealed to every person who seeks it. For this reason, Quakers are also sometimes called Seekers. Quakers refer to God’s will as the Light, and devote their attention to minding the Light or seeking the Light. The term Friend comes from an early description of the group as “Friends of the Truth.” The formal title for Quakers is The Religious Society of Friends.