Please join us for our blended Meeting for Worship Sunday mornings at 10:00am.

We meet in-person and online every Sunday, except for the 2nd Sunday each month, when we meet online only. You can find our virtual Meeting House here:

2 thoughts on “Blended Meeting for Worship

  1. Dear Friends,
    We will be in Ft Collins visiting our daughter’s family 20th – 28th . Hope to be able to connect either on line or in person.
    Charlie and Jeannine Thomas


  2. Do you all have any considerable interest in Greeley or surrounding areas? I attended the fort collins meeting house for a handful of months a few years ago, and I loved the community and the similarities in my views. I am still in the Greeley area, but the meetinghouse in fort collins is too far for me to come as much as I’d like. I would love for a peaceful, accepting, and loving community of non-theistic and open minded theistic people to be more accessible to me, my family, and others like us all.


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