The first in what may be a series of queries for reflection.

How can we support a sense of community during these challenging times?

How can we reach out to those who are unable or unwilling to connect digitally?

You can send a query to be posted to and feel welcome to share reflections below.

Barry Morley wrote a blog about Quaker queries that is enjoyable and insightful (read here). He offers some guidance for queries that he gave to staff at a Quaker camp that may be valuable:

“I should explain that the query is not to be answered; as with my personal query, an answer might be disruptive of a more important process. Just hold it about two feet in front of you, then look at it through closed eyes.



6 thoughts on “Query for connection

  1. I do like the idea of a phone tree. My feeling is we need to think of this interruption in physical worship as something that is going to last for quite some time. Perhaps we can discuss this at our Fellowship hour this Sunday and see whether anyone is willing to organize it.


  2. Today I wondered if Friends would find value in a phone tree of sorts, just to check in to see if anyone has needs we could support as a community. I don’t know how many are part of the Meeting who may not have ready access to email or the internet or family close by who could help adjust to this now mostly digital world of interaction.


  3. “Looking at the query through closed eyes”, I see a Circle of Friends and feel supported by them. Whether I can “Zoom in” or simply sit in my room at 10 a.m. on Sunday, I know Friends are with me, and that helps. I’m grateful for those who have called to check up on me and keep in touch by email. I wish I could hear better on the phone! Some Friends are creating “prayer partners” to phone each other weekly, just to touch base.
    I can’t help feeling guilty that I’m not in a position to help others. especially children who may be victims of physical abuse as their parents experience economic hardship. I hope schools have the capacity to help in some way, teachers are so important in the lives of kids who are at risk.


  4. Self edit here, I don’t know how much the long distance would cost and that is not a problem. I don’t have call waiting and this last Sunday would have been two plus hours and I don’t have call waiting or voice mail.


  5. Unable to join virtual due to very limited internet access. Not willing to tie up my land line for an hour or more plus long distance charges with the call in option. What would be helpful would be a synopsis of announcements especially joys and concerns … is everybody ok???

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