Hi Friends!

What do you do when school is closed and you have an insatiable talent for up-cycling fabric into fabulous creations?

Well, if you’re Carla, you might find yourself making rugs (among many other things).


From Carla:

I up-cycled six old, tired t-shirts and some hole-y socks to make this lovely creation:

Would you like to take this rug home? It’s available for a donation (don’t tell me how much!!!) to Fort Collins Friends Meeting.

UPDATE! Now two rugs are available to a good home & donation to Fort Collin Friends Meeting. Here’s one featuring a tie-dye t-shirt:


And another with a modern style:

UPDATE May 24: Even more t-shirt rugs looking for a home

From Carla:

I am, at this moment caught up with all the old tired t-shirts. The t-shirts in these rugs, like most that I’ve used, were donated by Quakers. The Rainbow Restaurant t-shirts came from Sarah. My uniform shirts from 2001 when I started with PSD.

Oh, and while I’m thrilled to have finally have had the time to honor the gift of all these shirts… I really don’t want any more. My hands are ready to do something a little less strenuous then hook rugs!

This one is BOB (Bottom-of-the-Bag)


and this one is chocolate mint:


Email earthwymon@gmail.com and we will figure out the logistics if you’d like to take one of these rugs home.

– Carla

7 thoughts on “Getting Crafty! Rugs looking for a home

  1. Newest rug is 28 by 24.5″ and navy no blue…. posted a picture on Facebook, cjparker, not sure how to get one here. Laura has been doing all the fancy stuff.


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